Postdoc on 3D spintronics at TU Wien (Austria)


In this project, we will investigate 3D chiral magnetic states in magnetic multilayered heterostructures for applications in spintronics. These materials will be integrated on complex scaffolds forming 3D nanowire devices, where 3D geometrical effects will be exploited to tune their properties. This research program provides a unique intersection of various areas in spintronics, including thin film deposition, nanofabrication, magneto-optical and magneto-electrical characterisation, as well as magnetic modelling. 

For this ambitious objective, we are looking for a motivated postdoctoral researcher with previous experience on thin film growth of magnetic multilayered materials and chiral spintronics. To get more details, as well as to apply for the position, please follow this link: 

For any question about the position, please contact Amalio Fernández-Pacheco: