Multiple CAMIE Postdoctoral Research Positions


The EPSRC Programme Grant (EP/X027074/1) Combining Advanced Materials for Interface Engineering (CAMIE) is seeking to recruit 5 highly talented researchers (PDRAs) to join our team.

CAMIE is a collaboration between the University of Leeds (UoL), Imperial College London (ICL) and Queen’s University Belfast (QUB).

CAMIE aims to develop new ways to store, manipulate and transport information, based on our unique approach to materials integration and interface control. Using the integrated Royce deposition system (, fundamentally different materials can be brought together into single hybrid structures to realise new emergent functionality useful for enhanced device performance. By controlling interfaces at the atomic level, we will seek phenomena that have the potential to reduce energy loss in novel structures: for example, using surface states of topological insulators (TIs) should reduce the current densities required to move chiral spin structures; molecular interfaces can enhance the effective spin-orbit coupling increasing charge-spin conversion efficiency; switching ferroelectrics that are coupled to spin statics and dynamics involves lower loss than switching ferromagnets. A complete understanding of such hybrid structures will pave the way to exploitable technologies likely to define the future of information processing and storage.

The positions available now are summarised below and detailed within the further particulars document. We expect PDRAs to work together as a team because the research strands are interconnected. The work will involve growth of materials, cleanroom fabrication, characterisation by a wide range of techniques, transport measurements and each postdoc will be involved in a number of the research strands. Appointments will be made on a 3-year basis with the potential to extend depending on programme requirements. There is one theoretical and seven experimental positions. Informal enquiries about particular positions can be made to the named person, general enquiries about CAMIE can be made to the PI:

Research Fellow in Simulation and Theory of Magnetic Materials

Contact: Dr Joseph Barker,

This post will start in June 2024.

Based at University of Leeds

Research Fellow in BiFeO3 – magnetic heterostructures including tuning exchange bias

Contact: Dr Thomas Moore, and Prof Andrew Bell,

Based at University of Leeds

Research Fellow in Giant spin-orbit torques using topological materials

Contact: Prof Christopher Marrows,

Based at University of Leeds

Research Fellow in the Moire effect in lateral superlattices

Contact: Dr Satoshi Sasaki,

This post will start in May 2024.

Based at University of Leeds

Research Fellow in Interface Characterisation and Molecular Thin Films

Contact: Prof Sandrine Heutz, and Dr Shelly Conroy,

Based at Imperial College London

How to apply

Please visit the University of Leeds website (

We have identified that women and Black and Minority Ethnic people are currently under-represented in these roles and particularly welcome applications from them. As equal opportunities employers we welcome applicants from all members of the community regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and transgender status. Appointments will be made on merit and ability.