Postdoc and PhD positions in Prof. Denis Candido's group at the University of Iowa

We are looking for two postdoc and one PhD student at the University of Iowa to work with Prof. Denis R. Candido (, starting in Fall 2022.

Research area is diverse and includes

  • Hybrid quantum systems for creating qubit-qubit entanglement and for application in quantum information science e.g., quantum transduction.

  • Topology and non-Hermicity within Hybrid Quantum Systems

  • Spin centers as a solid-state qubit and quantum transducers

  • Spin centers as quantum sensor of general physical phenomena

  • Electric and magnetic noise in qubits

Prof. Candido is part of the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics research area at the University of Iowa, Department of Physics and Astronomy. He is currently working with realistic condensed matter systems for implementing and proposing hybrid quantum systems that would advance and make possible different quantum technologies. Prof. Candido is also a member and mentor of the APS National Mentoring Community, which has as one of its main idea support mentoring relationships between Black/African, Latinx, and Indigenous physicists and physics mentors.

Applicants should send a CV and a brief research statement (one page) when applying for the positions above.

They should also send three letters of recommendation with corresponding references that we can contact. E-mail for contact: