PhD at Loughborough University on visualising thermal and spin currents at the nanoscale


The big data/AI revolution and the climate crisis is pushing modern nanoelectronics to design novel device architectures which harness quantum mechanical phenomena. Such devices based on quantum materials have the potential to bring exciting new physics to the forefront of green computing and Low Loss Electronics (LLE).

A more radical approach is to reuse waste heat generated by other computing tasks to read and write data on hard disk drives. Such a feat cannot be achieved without complete control (understanding) of heat flow and its interaction with other degrees of freedom. Unfortunately, we do not fully understand nanoscale heat transport through materials or its subsequent manipulation by spin currents at the nanoscale.

Project Details

The overarching goal of the PhD is to develop the understanding and metrology for thermal generation, transport and control of heat and spin currents in quantum devices. The doctoral researcher will be based out of Loughborough University for most of the studentship, with time allocated to perform scanning probe measurements and metrology within the Quantum Technologies Department at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Using state-of-the-art deposition and fabrication techniques at Loughborough and imaging techniques at NPL, you will develop a standard protocol for imaging and mapping the thermal and magnetic landscape in technologically relevant quantum devices. The main results will help establish a standard metrology protocol that will be applied to other systems.

Yearly income : £15,609

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