Assistant Professor in Quantum Physics and Technology at North Carolina State University

This position will direct an independent, highly competitive experimental physics program broadly in quantum physics and technology, focusing on topics including, but not limited to, quantum materials, quantum photonics and nanomechanical systems, quantum simulators and sensors, quantum communication and new platforms for quantum information processing. Demonstration of capacity to collaborate and synergize with existing Condensed Matter, Materials Science, Atomic, Molecular, and Optical physics, and/or Nanofabrication groups at NCSU is a significant plus.

In addition to directing a research program, the position holder will:

  • Advise and direct undergraduate students, graduate student and post-doctoral research associates;

  • Teach undergraduate and graduate classes at the standard departmental teaching load for research-active faculty; and

  • Provide service to the Department, University, and wider professional community as a committee member, referee, adviser, officer, or representative.

The candidate will be expected to foster an environment that is supportive and welcoming of all groups.

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