Ph.D. position at Institut Jean Lamour in Nancy France


This study is part of the ERC CoG MAGNETALLIEN project which aims to probe AC detection of spin pumping signal and its high harmonics. The main tasks of the selected candidate are as follows: Growth of epitaxial compounds such as alpha-Sn, half Heusler topological insulator, and B20 compounds integrated with other layers. Carry out the micro/nanofabrication of devices based on previous systems and perform the electrical and magneto-transport characterizations. Evaluation of the spin-charge current interconversion rates efficiency by DC spin pumping, spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance, second harmonic and/or spin Seebeck effect techniques.

The student will work within the SPIN research group, Institute Jean Lamour, under the supervision of Dr. J.Carlos Rojas-Sánchez, Dr. Sébastien Petit-Watelot, and Dr. Stéphane Andrieu (for the growth part).

We are seeking a highly motivated young student with a background in solid-state physics. We have a bunch of growth techniques such as Molecular Beam Epitaxy interconnected in ultra-high vacuum including in-situ ARPES characterization. The candidate will benefit from these facilities, as well as training and access to a clean room platform to pattern the devices. The project aims to harness SOC on epitaxial compounds either at interfaces, such as Topological Insulators or Weyl semimetals, or bulk SOC, such as B20 compounds, looking for optimization of spin-charge interconversion towards spin-orbit torque and AC spin pumping detection

The position will be available from 1 October 2024. The employment contract is limited to three years.

Preferred Skills 

Background in solid-state physics. Knowledge of spintronics and/or nanomagnetism is a plus. Programming in Python, Mathematica, and/or LabVIEW will be considered as a plus.


Interested candidates should apply through the CNRS website attaching a CV, motivation letter, and names of two or more researchers whom we may eventually contact:


Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview as we receive their applications.


Further information:

·     J. Carlos Rojas-Sánchez (CNRS Researcher) :

·     Sébastien Petit-Watelot (UL Enseignant chercheur) :

·     Stéphane Andrieu (UL Professor) :