A vacancy for a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Christopher Marrows's group at the University of Leeds.

The successful candidate will join an experimental research project on quantum spin Hall spintronics, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. They will work in a team at the University of Leeds that is led by Prof. Christopher Marrows (School of Physics and Astronomy), and will collaborate with colleagues led by Prof. Edmund Linfield in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, as well as our industrial partner, Qinetiq.

They will have an experimental PhD degree, or equivalent, and research experience in Physics and/or Electronic Engineering along with significant experience in the physics of nanomagnetism, semiconductor heterostructures, topological materials, and/or spintronics, ideally in the field of quantum spin Hall materials or related areas.

Their role will focus on the design and fabrication of semiconductor/ferromagnet heterostructure devices and their measurement by magnetotransport methods. In addition to carrying out a series of research projects, they will be an excellent communicator, responsible for day-to-day interactions with collaborators in both Schools, writing papers, and making presentations. They will sometimes travel to visit project partners and attend conferences in the UK, and overseas, to present their results.

To view the advert and make an application please use the link below:

The deadline to apply is Sunday 11th October.