Two Computational Postdoc Positions at Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche CNR-SPIN (Italy)


OPENING: Two Post-doc positions focused on “FIRST-PRINCIPLES SIMULATIONS FOR FERROIC MATERIALS” are available in the group of Dr. Silvia Picozzi (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Institute CNR-SPIN Chieti, Italy).

TOPICS: the postdocs are expected to perform ab-initio simulations based on Density Functional Theory in one (or more) of the

following areas:

1) magnetism, ferroelectricity and multiferroicity in 2D-materials (monolayers, few-layers and heterostructures);

2) spin-electric coupling in magnetic molecules and/or defects in semiconductors, of interest for quantum technologies;

3) machine learning interatomic potentials and high-throughput calculations for ferroelectrics/(anti-)ferromagnets/multiferroics.

FUNDING: The positions will be funded by the Next-Generation EU program within the (Italian) National Resilience and Recovery Plan (PNRR).

SALARY: 1.600-2.000 Euros/month (net), depending on the candidate experience .

DURATION: 18 months (renewable upon funding availability).

START: March-April 2024.

LOCATION: the research activity will be carried out at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche CNR-SPIN@University of Chieti (Italy)

REQUIRED EXPERTISE: A PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science or related disciplines is needed (defense date: before November 15th, 2023). Deep knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and Solid State Physics is mandatory. Extensive experience in materials modelling (in particular on Density Functional Theory) is needed; previous activity in magnetism, ferroelectricity or correlated materials is very welcome.

CONTACTS: please contact Dr. Silvia Picozzi via email at silvia.picozzi at by sending your CV and a list of publications. Use as e-mail subject: “PNRR Postdoc Applications ”

Further info on the group: