NRC Fellowship at Air Force Research Laboratory

The Photonic Materials Branch of Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is looking for a candidate to apply for a post-doctoral research position through the National Academies of Science and Engineering's National Research Council (NRC) Post-Doctoral program. The candidate would submit a 10 page research proposal (Due periodically- next due dates are 1 August and 1 December) matching the needs in the proposal call below. The pay is very competitive and the successful candidate would be able to make use of the full facilities at AFRL to grow, characterize, and manipulate the magnetic and electric properties of 2D magnetic materials. However, the position largely depends on the directions the applicant wants to go. The opportunity is limited to only U.S. Citizens.


The Photonic Materials Branch of AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (RX) is interested in developing novel functional materials including those exhibiting non-linear optical properties, ferroelectricity, magnetism, and topological properties. This particular research focuses on crystal growth and characterization of a wide swath of novel materials. Materials synthesis, the optimization of crystal growth conditions, and detailed structural analysis (particularly with respect to associated ferroic transitions) would be the main focus of research efforts to further USAF dominance in communications, computing, sensing, and frequency conversion and limiting applications. Our long-term efforts also include a program of pairing our crystal growth efforts with machine learning to create closed-loop parameter optimization.

The successful applicant will have some knowledge of optical characterization so as to effectively work with collaborators for specialized measurements. The Air Force Crystal Growth Center serves as a synthesis center for not only the photonics branch of the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate but also other research branches both within RX and in other directorates such as Sensors (RY) and Aerospace Systems (RQ) so the successful candidate will be able to interface with researchers in multiple technical areas and to meaningfully contribute to these different technical areas.

The apparatus on site for bulk crystal growth is centered on Czochralski, Bridgman, flux, and vapor transport. Two PPMS systems for thermal, electrical, and magnetic characterization are also available, as is an MPMS-SQUID system. AFRL also owns various XRD systems equipped with both low and high temperature stages as well as micro-Raman systems with low-temperature and high pressure accessories. AFRL has dedicated facilities for advanced optical characterization of materials at various energies and temperatures. AFRL facilities also include a fabrication cleanroom for nanoscale applications. The successful candidate will be self-driven, have practical laboratory skills in both synthesis and characterization, and, ideally, some background in device fabrication and measurement. The Materials & Manufacturing Directorate hosts a suite of modern, state-of-the-art materials processing and characterization facilities, and working as a NRC Associate at AFRL is a unique opportunity to solve important challenges and guide research efforts in an environment that strongly encourages collaboration (government/academic/industry), publication in top journals, and conference attendance.

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