Postdoctoral position in experimental and/or theoretical studies of exotic magnetism in 2d systems

A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the nanoscience group at Emory University. Emory is a private R1 university located in suburban Atlanta, GA, USA. The position will involve experimental and/or theoretical studies of electron correlation effects in ultrathin film heterostructures, with connections to both unconventional superconductivity and quantum magnetism in these systems. A PHD in condensed matter physics or a related field is required, but no specific prior background in magnetism or superconductivity is necessary, and the successful candidate will get to choose whether he/she prefers to focus on the theoretical or experimental aspects of the project, or both. The salary is negotiable, the position is for 3 years. Some of the general information about the group can be found at Please email Sergei Urazhdin at if interested.