Postdoc Fellows and Funded Visiting Scholars in spintronic device modeling and circuit design for AI chips – ACCESS @ HKUST


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has established a new research center: AI Chip Center for Emerging Smart System (ACCESS). Our lab is developing magneto-resistive random-access memory and magnetic tunnel junction-based technologies for AI chips. Two focuses will be “ReRAM-Based Circuits for Neuromorphic Computing” and “Device Modeling from Technology to Neuromorphic Computing”. The research objectives can be tape-out chips, FPGA implementations, open-source EDA tools, and research publications. We are looking for Postdoc Fellows with related experiences in spintronic compact modeling and circuit designs.
General calls for Post-Doctoral Fellow and Principal/Senior Researcher can be found on ACCESS website:

Key Qualifications:

Compact modeling experience on spintronic devices
Neuromorphic circuit design (neural network implementation, AI accelerator, etc.) experience
Relevant publications are required for postdoc positions
Visiting scholar positions are selected depending on strong qualifications

Starting date: flexible

Contact: Prof. Qiming Shao at