Hard Magnetic Topological Semimetals in XPt3: Harmony of Berry Curvature

Jacob Gayles, University of South Florida

September 4, 2020

Topological magnetic semimetals, like Co3Sn2S2 and Co2MnGa, are known to display exotic transport properties, such as large intrinsic anomalous (AHE) due to uncompensated Berry curvature. The highly symmetric XPt3 compounds display anti-crossing gapped nodal lines, which are a driving mechanism in the intrinsic Berry curvature Hall effects. Uniquely, these compounds contain two sets of gapped nodal lines that harmoniously dominate the Berry curvature in this complex multiband system. We calculate a maximum AHE of 1965 S/cm in the CrPt3 by a state-of-the-art first principle electronic structure. We have grown high-quality thin films by magnetron sputtering and measured a robust AHE of 1750 S/cm for different sputtering growth conditions. Additionally, the cubic films display a hard magnetic axis along [111] direction. The facile and scalable fabrication of these materials is prime candidates for integration into topological devices [1]. 

A. Markou, J. Gayles, E. Derunova, P. Swekis, J. Noky, L. Zhang, M. N. Ali, Y. Sun, and Claudia Felser, arXiv:2008.11914.