Spin Caloritronics and Transverse Thermoelectric Conversion

Ken-ichi Uchida, National Institute for Materials Science

January 13, 2023 

Spin caloritronics is the fusion research field based on the combination of spintronics, thermoelectrics, and thermal energy engineering, in which the interplay between spin, charge, and heat currents has been extensively investigated. In this field, many experimental and theoretical studies have focused on the transverse thermoelectric conversion using magnetic materials to clarify its mechanism and utilize unique functionalities [1]. In this talk, we review fundamentals of spin caloritronics and recent progresses in basic and applied studies on the transverse thermoelectric conversion [2], i.e., the anomalous Nernst/Ettingshausen effects [3-6] and the Seebeck-driven transverse thermoelectric generation [7-9].

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