Magnetic Skyrmions and Bimerons in New Materials

Yan Zhou, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

March 10, 2021

In this talk, Dr. Yan Zhou will discuss his recent work of magnetic skyrmions in new material systems, i.e., antiferromagnets, ferrimagnet and frustrated magnets [1-3]. It is shown that the skyrmion Hall effect can be partially or completely suppressed in ferri-, antiferro- or frustrated materials in comparison to ferromagentic materials, making magnetic skyrmions in the new systems suitable for memory applications. On the other hand, the magnetic bimerons can be considered as the topological counterpart of magnetic skyrmions in in-plane magnets, and can be used as particle-like information carriers [4-6]. He will discuss many novel physics of these intriguing topological spin textures (such as the nucleation, current-driven dynamics, detection etc) in ferri-, antiferro- or frustrated materials and highlight their potential device applications.

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